Crème de la crème of the global luxury hospitality industry gathered again in Marbella

to celebrate The Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards 2016. 
By Carol Byrne
Falling well within its remit on October 15th, the sparkling glitterati was truly set ablaze to honour the winners of the highest and most exclusive award in the hospitality sector.
The occasion? The 4th annual Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, and the most exclusive award; the Signum Virtutis, the seal of excellence.
Cue diamonds and designer gowns, as a stellar line-up - including Royals - attended this elite showcase, honouring the outstanding professionals in the hospitality industry. TV and media joined an unrivalled list of attendees at the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel to observe the extravaganza.
Winners included Oman Air, Villa Alegria in Mykonos, Sovereign Seas Hermes, and many more, who were presented with their awards in the Amphitheatre, following a fabulous cocktail reception. The famous Sol Kerzner, Seven Stars Woman of the Year, Ms Regine Sixt and the Seven Star CEO of the Year, Valentine Ozigbo, also received Special Lifetime achievement Awards. Again, Villa Padierna was the perfect setting for such a night of acknowledgement, recognition and awards.
The momentous task of organising the unforgettable evening was handled seamlessly by the dynamic team of Nicola Brookes El-Mouelhy and Khali El-Mouelhy. Together, a successful pair and a strong driving force, adept at organising faultless, noteworthy and truly spectacular events.
As CEO & Co-Founder Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, Nicola is no stranger to piloting and coordinating such an extravaganza. She agreed to take time from her hectic schedule and answer some questions about the award, and why it’s a particularly noteworthy one.
Explain to us what the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle
Awards are?
Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards is the highest most exclusive award for the Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle industry. We are not a travel award; in fact, we never mention the word travel anywhere.
We are designed to identify and to separate the exceptional from amongst the very best. SSLHLA is an award that allows winners to truly receive maximum benefit as well as exclusivity.
How do the SSLHLA differ from other lifestyle awards, what makes them so special, and such coveted and treasured awards?
There are numerous things that set SSLHLA apart from the rest. Normally, awards for the hospitality industry are filled with flawed business plans whereby there are charges for being a nominee, mandatory marketing packages to ”gain more votes” and fees to attend the gala ceremony and collect the award.
We have erased all the above.
SSLHLA does not charge for nominations, we do not charge to attend the event and be presented with the winners plaque, there are no mandatory marketing packages or administration fees whatsoever.
In addition, we have created the most transparent voting system out of all awards. We allow the nominees to log in to the back end of our website and view, on a personalized dashboard, exactly where the votes come in from, when they come in, total amount of votes, and we also allow them to view their daily ranking throughout the entire voting period.
This is unique. Another way we stand out from the rest is that we award only around 200 properties/products worldwide each year. If a comparison is made with other awards one will notice that they award well over 500 in just one continent. I ask you, with that many winners each year.
Where is the exclusivity and benefit? We specialize in providing maximum exclusivity and benefit for each our winners.
The Luxury Panel, of course, is a major difference as it is comprised of some the most well-travelled, affluent individuals with a great knowledge of the Hospitality and Lifestyle Industry.