Sacha Lakic, master of motion

Born in Belgrade, Sacha Lakic moved to Paris at a very young age, and it wasn’t long before he was drawing his first sketches. While his friends were dreaming ofriding mopeds, Lakic,
pencil in hand, was sketching the motorcycles and cars of the future.
The encounter with Roche Bobois has led him to designing the Onda bed in 1996. What started as a first try, turned out to be the first class, and the magic carpet-esque Onda was
awarded the Casa Idea Prize in Rome.
Lakic formed an instant understanding with the Roche-Bobois teams and the development meetings were productive and dynamic. These gatherings gave rise to major collections, such as 2005’s Speed Up and 2007’s Dyna, as well as best-sellers including the Synopsis sofa, the Speed Up sideboard, the Scenario sofa and more recently the Bubble
sofa designed in 2014 and that received a gold award in June 2015.
Sacha Lakic is one of very few designers who possess liquid creativity, switching with ease from commercial products to architecture or from photography to fashion.
What truly sets Lakic apart is the incredible feeling of movement that flows through his creations, imbuing them with life, form and soul.
His creations transcend time and are destined to become future classics.