Pierre Cardin

“Not just art, but my works are Sculpture Utilitaires”

Pierre Cardin, the inventor of “prêt-à-porter” whose graphically iconic initials personify his signature style, is best known for fashion and accessory design. However, during the 1970s, he launched a unique furniture line that transposed his sculptural approach to fashion into furniture design: futuristic forms combined with traditional lacquer and cabinetmaking techniques and revolutionary space-age designs resort to metal and plastics.

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Leather Furniture

Animal skins and furs have always played an important role in human habitats.Their main role was purely functional, protecting from the cold and isolating from the hard and wet ground.

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Fashionable Clocks

The clock has come a long way from functional timepiece to adding a decorative touch to any wall or table. Whatever your taste, decorating with clocks is a fun way to add elegance and utility to almost any space.

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Los Monteros Golf Course

Fifty years after its inauguration, the Rio Real Golf Hotel Marbella has announced plans to build a luxury beach club for golfers on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Quiet Language of White

Laurie Pressman - White. The Purest of the pure. Billowing clouds.  The white dove of peace and freedom, White is a conciliatory colour. Unsullied, divine, pristine, traditionally the colour of clothing for babies and brides, there is an innocence, delicacy and simplicity to white.

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A hotel that invites to Dream

Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid
An idea of freedom come true, a meeting point for different cultures and ways of understanding Architecture and Design.

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By Mia Frampton
“The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the earth…” Genesis 2:7
The art of pottery is a recurring process of divine creation. A vessel is created out of solid earth; a mound of clay turns into a piece of art.

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SunHouse 360º

By Lola Gómez
Europe’s first intelligent rotating home is made in Marbella. Sunhouse360º, a company based in Marbella, has launched its first model in a line of rotating platforms for houses, result of the work of architect José Carlos Moya and his partner, Bertrand Coue.

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Donald Gray

By Lola Gómez
Winner of the Rafael Manzano Martos Award 2015.
He has won the award for his contribution to enriching and restoring Andalusian architecture, focusing on Marbella, Malaga and the Alpujarra.

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Geoffrey Lopilato

By Lola Gómez
Geoffrey Lopilato is a Belgian stylist of recognised prestige in Marbella. Hair styling studio Lopilato is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella, next to the Marbella Club hotel. Decorated by Feng Shui standards, it instantaneously welcomes customers with a wave of good energy.

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