For Positive Energy, Feng Shui Your Home

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Feng Shui is an excellent example of a concept that is discussed by many in the West, but understood by surprisingly few.



feng shui2Feng Shui is an excellent example of a concept that is discussed by many in the West, but understood by surprisingly few. Despite this potential drawback, this holistic approach to interior design has nonetheless taken hold, with a growing following of interior designers using the philosophy to create order and beauty in the home.

It is thought that feng shui’s current popularity in the West began in the 1980s, when American-Chinese academic, Professor Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche, introduced a version that was designed to be more easily comprehended and followed by a non-Chinese audience. Known as Western Feng Shui, this method quickly gained a following, which soon spread to Europe.

Master Teri Garcia is a Feng Shui expert who teaches at The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Marbella. However, she favours the Chue Style, traditionally practised by the Feng Shui Masters from ancient China’s Imperial Palaces and widely regarded as one of the purest forms of the art. She assists Estomar91 to create living spaces that maximise the flow of positive energy, thereby ensuring that residents enjoy a restful existence, full of good fortune and harmony.

Born in London to a Spanish father, Teri first became interested in the subject of feng shui in 1996, but started studying it seriously in 2000. She claims that her first awareness of it goes all the way back to her childhood, though, having an intuitive understanding of the flow of energy when she was a girl.

Asked by her feng shui Master to set up a school in Spain, she has since been awarded the title of Master herself and her school has been responsible for training 18 Spanish students in the art. Also an expert on Chinese Horoscopes, she is brought in as a consultant by Estomar91 to cast a practised eye over selected properties.
“People sometimes get confused about feng shui. They think that if a house looks good, it automatically follows that it has good feng shui, which isn’t true at all. I’ve been in some houses that look really awful, but actually have an excellent flow of energy.”

Teri is able to offer advice on properties at any stage, from the construction process to the renovation of existing buildings. “Town planners could benefit from feng shui as well, especially when they’re planning roads and other major features. Despite the fact that many people seem to think that it’s a vague concept, feng shui is actually based on very specific theory and calculations. However many who choose to study the subject to a high level seem to have an in-built sensitivity that helps them to identify a building or room with good energy.”

The advice of an expert can make a difference to both the interior and exterior of a building and Teri has been consulted by Estomar 91 at many stages of projects, from the planning and construction process to overseeing refurbishments and renovations.

“There are several ways to ensure that a property or office space has a good energy flow, from planning its orientation to the road and designing the layout of rooms to making the most of what has already been built. It could mean a general process of de-cluttering, placement of mirrors or the inclusion of a water feature. When I’m called in by Estomar91 it’s always an exciting challenge and the practise of feng shui can only add value to any property.”