The winds of change

Although it may seem like the Spanish economy has been blown off track it has staunchly stayed the course when it comes to renewable energy production, particularly wind powered energy. Andalucía is often held up as an example of what can be achieved; the Andalucían Energy Agency currently presides over 121 wind farms producing enough electricity to supply power to around 4 million people.

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The height of good design

Need more space and light but don’t have much room to extend?  Then cast your eyes upwards and prepare to be inspired. If you can’t work with the floor space, consider adding height and volume – obviously you would need to seek professional advice as to whether this type of construction would be feasible in your property– then imagine the wow factor of a double height cathedral or vaulted ceiling.

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Spanish summer gardens

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, gardeners and authors who have lived in Spain for 25 years.

Summers in Spain are hot and dry so it makes sense to plan a garden that requires minimal daily watering. Our booklet ‘Making waterless gardens a practical reality worldwide’, suggests hundreds of ways to get your garden in shape for the summer ahead. Although it may seem obvious, you can start by choosing mainly drought resistant plants.  Another important tip is to minimise water and moisture loss through evaporation by mulching (covering the ground) around the plants with compost, stone chippings or rocks.

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Style and comfort outdoors

Functionality and good design that you choose for inside, is also possible in an outdoor environment.

Today, more and more importance is given to outdoor furniture and depending on the area where you live this furniture has an increased significance, due to different decorating styles and materials.

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