Green vision for urban future

Today’s cities use an enormous amount of energy, approximately half of the power production in the world is eaten up just keeping them functioning. You don’t have to be a genius to see that the situation is untenable in the long term.

One answer would be to start working towards creating “smart” cities. The sensible solution would be to take a good hard look at the buildings. Although important, sophisticated facilities and energy saving measures used to control lighting, air conditioning and security, don’t provide the solution

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Furniture packs are a landlord’s best friend

285 2837888The concept of furniture packs has been around for a while, so it would be incorrect to call them a new ‘trend’.  Yet, it’s only recently that they have shaken off the image of providing ‘identi-kit’ packs of uninspiring furniture.  On closer inspection it looks like furniture packs have finally come of age and are now viewed as the sensible option for property investors, particularly in the buy-to-let market.

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Charmed by coin

jardin traseroCoín is fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for expats on the Costa del Sol, due to its pretty position in the Rio Grande valley, Roman history and verdant countryside. Yet, it’s only a short drive to coast. It’s also one of the best places to experience authentic Andalucían “village” life and keen eyed British expats will recognise Coín as the location where the 1990’s soap opera “Eldorado” was filmed.

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Give your home a new lease of life …on a budget

609 3679405 cutoutIf you own an investment property in order to generate rental income it needs to be attractive to potential tenants. Each day it sits unoccupied you are losing money.  Giving your property a facelift will attract tenants and needn’t cost much in time or money if you concentrate on the rooms that will provide the most impact, for example the kitchen.

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Keeping cool, nautical style

penthouse sailThere’s nothing new about seeking a respite from the sunshine, cavemen fashioned shades out of animal hides, ancient Egyptians used strips of cloth, and if 1950s novelty postcards are to be believed, British men took refuge under knotted handkerchiefs placed jauntily on their heads. But seriously, staying safe in the sunshine, especially if you live in a hot country where the midday temperature can be brutal, is far from a frivolous matter.

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Spring cleaning from a Feng Shui perspective

425 2960368With spring time fast approaching, we asked Ogee Magazine’s very own Feng Shui guru, Teri Garcia what we should be doing to refresh the “chi” flow in our homes.  With no hesitation, Teri recommends a policy of “out with the old and greet the new” in order to make way for new opportunities.

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Historic style with thoroughly modern comforts

In today’s homogenised world of hotel chains and uniform apartment blocks, it’s a real treat to stumble across a hotel that offers architectural and historical individually, whilst providing all the required modern conveniences and comforts. So imagine the thrill of happening upon the Arabic and Roman themed Palacio de Mengibar hotel in the province of Jaén (Spain).

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Mystic W returned to its former glory

mystic001As part of our series covering the specialised world of luxury yachts, in particular the furnishing and refitting of these majestic vessels, Carol Scanu, owner and CEO of the award winning Studio Scanu in Viareggio (Italy), looks back on one of her favourite refit projects – the Mystic W.

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Ogees with an Italian accent

572 3166813Most people know Venice as the city of love, a beautiful landscape of picturesque waterways, inlets, bridges and gondolas, but there is more to this romantic archipelago than just water and bridges. Not only is it awash with gondolas, it’s virtually inundated with Ogees.  Unless an architect or history buff, one can be forgiven for this oversight, as what is an “Ogee” in one city, is in fact a “Venetian Gothic arch” when in Venice.

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Commercial premises in the centre of Marbella

logo ESTOMAR91 DESIGN colourCalle Jacino Benavente 10, Marbella

Spacious ground floor commercial property for sale or lease with potential to be divided into individual offices, retail or catering units. The property is located in a high footfall area of Marbella, at the heart of the busy town centre, and within walking distance from the beach.

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A property to write home about

photo3‘Rosaura’ is a rare gem of a property located in the beautiful village of Romanyà de la Selva in Baix Empordà, part of the municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aro, Girona.  Just a short drive from the sandy beaches of Platja d’Aro on the Costa Brava the property nestles amongst national park lands on the edge of a biosphere reserve famed for rock formations dating back millions of years.

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DSC05250fDear reader,

 Welcome to the fifth edition of the Ogee Magazine!  We are delighted to announce that this issue marks our one-year anniversary since going to print, which wouldn’t have been possible without contributions from some of the world’s leading professionals in the fields of design, architecture and project management.

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E91 shines a light on UV water cleaning systems

aguasport filtracion piscinaWhether you gingerly dip your toes, perform a graceful dive or launch into the water belly-flop style, there’s nothing quite like the restorative coolness of a swimming pool during the sizzling Spanish summer. As the weather warms up, you will need to make sure that your pool is in tip top condition and the water is regularly cleaned.

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Spring in Spanish gardens

 280 2727120This year winter was blessedly short for most garden lovers. Although the winter officially ceased on the ‘spring equinox’ on the 20th March, this year the almond trees seemed to blossom earlier, and spring flowering bulbs, perennials and trees responded to the longer days by providing an explosion of colour and scents.

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Homemade biogas hype or wise investment?

esquema biogas illustratorIf doing your bit for the environment doesn’t really move you, perhaps the double benefit of saving the planet and money at the same time may be a more persuasive argument.  Even better if you live in Spain where the warm climate lends itself perfectly to all manner of simple energy-saving / energy-producing solutions, such as wind farms, solar panels or in this instance bio fuel, to generate power for your home.  All you need is a vision, some land or a reasonable sized garden, and of course the right equipment.

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