The winds of change

Although it may seem like the Spanish economy has been blown off track it has staunchly stayed the course when it comes to renewable energy production, particularly wind powered energy. Andalucía is often held up as an example of what can be achieved; the Andalucían Energy Agency currently presides over 121 wind farms producing enough electricity to supply power to around 4 million people.

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Gardens go vertical

There are two main types of vertical garden. Depending on size, space and type of garden required, you can choose between a ‘green façade’ comprising mainly climbing plants with their roots firmly in the ground or a ‘living wall’, which involves an irrigation system and modular panels to feed and secure the plants.

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The height of good design

Need more space and light but don’t have much room to extend?  Then cast your eyes upwards and prepare to be inspired. If you can’t work with the floor space, consider adding height and volume – obviously you would need to seek professional advice as to whether this type of construction would be feasible in your property– then imagine the wow factor of a double height cathedral or vaulted ceiling.

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Furniture trends

Interior designers, architects and press seem to have an uncanny gift for knowing exactly where to find stylish, interesting and unique furnishings, fabrics and wall decorations way before the general public has the slightest suspicion that there is a new trend in the offing and that last year’s colours are, well frankly… last year’s colours!  There’s no mystery… it takes a lot of preparation and hard work on the part of the designers and craftsmen to produce the products and to get them noticed by the right people.

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Style and comfort outdoors

Functionality and good design that you choose for inside, is also possible in an outdoor environment.

Today, more and more importance is given to outdoor furniture and depending on the area where you live this furniture has an increased significance, due to different decorating styles and materials.

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Estomar91 - specialists in Construction Project Management

What is Project Management? 

Fundamentally it is the process of planning, organising, sourcing and managing the required resources in order to obtain the most satisfactory and efficient outcome for the project in hand.


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Spanish summer gardens

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, gardeners and authors who have lived in Spain for 25 years.

Summers in Spain are hot and dry so it makes sense to plan a garden that requires minimal daily watering. Our booklet ‘Making waterless gardens a practical reality worldwide’, suggests hundreds of ways to get your garden in shape for the summer ahead. Although it may seem obvious, you can start by choosing mainly drought resistant plants.  Another important tip is to minimise water and moisture loss through evaporation by mulching (covering the ground) around the plants with compost, stone chippings or rocks.

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Editor’s letter

It should come as no surprise that the summer edition of Ogee Magazine is full of the joys of the outdoor living, new ideas, beautiful gardens and superb architecture such as the weirdly wonderful Parc Güell in Barcelona. 

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Shopping gallery

Bianchini&Capponi has operated for over thirty years in the global interior design and bathroom decoration market, achieving an unchallenged leading position in the creation, design and construction of top quality items.


An alternative future proposed for Estepona

Ogee Magazine’s resident authority on eco-architecture, Edwin Toledo Palao, is sharing with us his enthusiasm about future project in Estepona, Malaga which will form a cornerstone for creating future sustainable urban communities in Spain.

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Parc Güell

A stroll around Gaudí’s garden

As a design magazine produced in Spain, Ogee pays tribute to a genius - Antoni Gaudí. Parc Güell designed by modernist Catalan architect responsible for seven – yes seven - UNESCO World Heritage Site landmarks in and around Barcelona, including his masterpiece - Basilica La Sagrada Familia.

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The best dressed wardrobes

Todomadera are more than just carpenters, they have a passion for the material and an eye for detail. In this publicity, the company explains how they go about creating superbly crafted doors, which not only serve a purpose they are also items of beauty in their own right.  Here is what they have to say…

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Ogee in churches of England

Religious or not, if you’re looking for evidence of the British ogee, you need look no further than the local church, ecclesiastic architecture is virtually swamped with examples of medieval arches… the UK equivalent of the ogee.

An ogee arch - for those of you wondering - is a pointed arch which has been slightly flattened to resemble the keel of boat or an onion that has been cut in half. It is a style of architecture that was only adopted in Britain towards the end of the thirteenth century, originating in Persia (Iran), later finding its way into European Gothic architecture, and today it is recognised as an international architectural feature.

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Big surprise to open the impressive line up of Starlite Festival 2013.

The poster for the new edition of STARLITE FESTIVAL closes with a big surprise, a luxury incorporation that completes “a date with the Starts” to be held every night from 23 July to 24 August in Marbella’s Quarry. The Canadian Bryan Adams, one of the rock’s emblematic figures, will demostrate the next 24th of July why he is considered one of the greatest figures of world music, in his only concert in Spain, with songs that have stuck in the audience memory.


The Property Clinic in Ogee Magazine

With Teri Garcia Feng Shui expert

Teri Garcia, Ogee Magazine’s resident Feng Shui Master has 10 years’ experience as a qualified consultant having completed the Chue style Practitioner Training Examination in 2003, and 8 years as a Feng Shui teacher. In her capacity as a consultant, she runs The Property Clinic in Marbella from Feng Shui Marbella Consultancy, working with private and business clients assessing all types of property

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Advertorial by shade sails

Shade Sails also known as Tension Membrane Structures were first developed in Australia almost 30 years ago to protect us from the suns harmful Ultra Violet rays. Shade Sails are an aesthetically pleasing shade system that adds value and style to the areas they cover.


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Naval design basics by C. Scanu

Wood in nautical design

Renowned naval architect Carol Scanu, of Studio Scanu, provides us with another fascinating glimpse into the world of boat design, offering our readersher expert opinion on the aesthetic qualities of wood, the different finishes and the pleasure of working with such a rich material when designing the interior of boats. 


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Blooming good service

Agrojardín is one of the largest and most established garden centres on the Costa del Sol, supplying everything from a packet of seeds to a cute puppy dog, which is why we have asked them to share their passion for outdoor spaces.


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Villa tiberio

A restaurant with charm.

Imagine a Mediterranean palazzo surrounded by lush vegetation, a menu with such a wide choice it suits all palates, a cellar that brings a sparkle to wine lovers’ eyes.

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