Winter warmers

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Take away the evening chill and add a touch of glamour to any space.

Euro FurnitureTake away the evening chill and add a touch of glamour to any space.

in Spain is an indoor and outdoor affair. With a few well chosen accessories it’s possible to enhance the entire look and feel of your home or terrace, changing from a sunny space into a cosy winter warmer.

Make a real impact with a stylish fire. Nothing is more inviting and there is a wide choice of different types, sizes and styles; traditional braziers, stainless steel bio-ethanol burners, fire pits, chimneys, wood burning stoves and many more.

Real versus artificial flames

A fire adds a touch of seasonal warmth to any space, whether a real or artificial flame. There are arguments both for and against. Concerns such as environmental issues, dependent on which type of fuel is used, safety, preparation and maintenance of a real fire are often overlooked in favour of the romance of flickering flame.

Estomar91 can provide your home and terrace with some superb artificial flame technology options such as the "Opti-myst", a state of the art electric fire (produced by Bosch Marin) which uses revolutionary ultrasonic technology to produce a three dimensional realistic flame, smoke and mist. More than a fire, they make a real statement.

Today’s contemporary fires are designed to complement all types of interior design styles. Minimalism can also be cosy, with the new range of sleek modern wall fires and low rise table fires, providing latest hot designs for cool rooms.

Which do you prefer?

Green credentials

Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it’s bad for the environment. There are a number of suppliers offering eco-friendly fires of all shapes, sizes and styles.